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Until last spring I had to explain what it meant that I have a BRCA mutation.  Then Angelina Jolie wrote her amazing op ed piece and suddenly everyone knew what it meant – or thought they did.  Except they also thought that all of us so-called mutants or previvors have preventive mastectomies (PBM), if we are lucky enough to learn that we are BRCA positive before we already have cancer.



And I’m not having a mastectomy.  Some women do, for reasons that make it the right choice for them.  I support them in that difficult choice.  But it’s not right for me.  I’m choosing surveillance, getting a mammogram every December and a breast MRI every June.  I did have my ovaries surgically removed – since there’s no good way to check for ovarian cancer, and with 3 young adult sons our family is complete.  But I’m not having a PBM, despite the elevated risk of breast cancer that I face.


In the years since my positive BRCA test, I have had a lot of surprises. Angelina’s brave decision to share her story in that op ed piece was one.  A second surprise came when I unexpectedly discovered, through the genetic counseling process regarding our particular mutation, that I have Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.  So I’m not the total WASP I once thought I was.  And then just a couple months later my husband told me we were relocating to Austin Texas (yes, Texas) after spending all our adult years raising a family in the San Francisco suburbs.   But dwarfing all of those – yes, bigger even than moving to Texas – was the surprise of my mother’s positive BRCA test, the starting point for my family’s journey through the land of elevated risk.


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